Day 331: Going After Mueller

Robert Mueller is facing a new line of fire after multiple members of Congress and media outlets acquiesced to Trump’s tyrannical tendencies and took up his Russian line of thought.

From Rupert Murdoch owned outlets to former Florida State frat boy Matt Gaetz to shining beacon of integrity Newt Gingrich, the right-wingers biggest trolls are out in full force to bash the special counsel. Their latest efforts center around recent revelations that Mueller obtained tens of thousands of Trump transition team emails.

Lawyers for Trump are complaining that these emails were obtained illegally, but as this white collar criminal defense attorney and candidate for Illinois Attorney General explains, Mueller was very much within the boundaries of the law with this request. If he requested a bulk package of Trump emails, it is routine for individuals to obtain them through a third party, particularly if a search warrant is utilized.

What is uncommon is the Trump legal teams actions as extensions of a loose public relations campaign against Mueller. They must be particularly concerned about the release of the contents of these transition team emails (which is nothing short of incredibly ironic) and how it might implicate some of their clients.

If the emails are anything like the ones that KT McFarland sent during the transition, they have a lot to worry about, because they’ve got a lot to hide.


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