Day 330: Empty Lives Of Quiet Desperation

Which comes first, hateful behavior or low self-esteem?

It’s a “chicken-or-the-egg” question that is relevant because of recent character revelations surrounding Trumpian figureheads.

Ann Coulter made a surprisingly honest admission (by her standards) that she was against the expansion of the child tax credit because she was single, lonely and bitter and thus didn’t want any families to be able to support their happy lives and their children.


I mean…I kinda get it? After college, I moved to a new city where I didn’t know anyone. Emotionally, it was really hard. Being lonely sucks. And yes Ann, you’re right, my daughter does fill my days with joy. She isn’t the sole source of that joy, our happiness must come from ourselves. But she’s amazing, I love her so much.

With that said, I don’t think I would’ve been so lucky in terms of meeting and marrying my wife if I was a hateful, racist asshole. It’s not just because my wife is black, it’s because that shit is so dumb and tired.

Omarosa is another one I scratch my head at when it comes to psychoanalysis. She’s stated that she was upset that she was one of the few people of color in the White House.

So…why would you work at the White House if you knew the individual in charge of staffing was a “racial” douchebag? And why would you continue to say dumb things about people of color and defend their actions if you were feeling this way?

They’re just microcosms of Trump, who is so deeply unstable and insecure that he constructs massive buildings, throws gold tastelessly around rooms and flies around the world chasing a demon of emptiness that he’ll never be able to conquer. He speaks to a base of similar people, who stand in awe of Trump’s wealth and his ability to not be punished or scorned for publicly saying what they say in the privacy of their own homes.

Nothing good can come when these feelings are acted upon. When they’re put into policy, the outcomes can be terrifying.

That’s why it’s so important to retain hope and work for change: because the vapidness of Trump, and the lack of critical thinking that enabled him, are entirely dependent on apathy.


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