Day 327: Racial Regrets

The morning after losing an election sucks. I remember last November quite vividly and will for the rest of my life.

There’s an inordinate number of hot takes, of what could’ve been and “why didn’t it go this way, the way these polls were showing?” There are lessons learned the hard way.

This morning, I’m thrilled to be waking up on the winning side as Doug Jones prepares to go to Washington. I get to watch as conservatives try to pick up the pieces of Jones’ shocking victory.

The obvious antagonist for many will be Roy Moore. He is after all, a child molester and sexual predator, a reactionary cartoon straight out of a rejected movie script. He’s championed by Steve Bannon who was characterized by New York Republican Rep. Peter King as “a disheveled drunk” who just so happened to find a political microphone and stage.

It’s funny to hear King say that when he is one of the biggest anti-Muslim shills serving in Congress. At least some losing candidates were more honest in their scene and self-assessments.

Ed Gillespie, who got destroyed by Ralph Northam in the 2017 Virginia gubernatorial election, went on David Axelrod’s podcast to talk about his campaign strategy. He openly admitted that his campaign was a dirty, racist slime job against Northam because his bigoted base was on the fence about him following his primary victory over confederate flag humper, and native of the heart of Dixieland state Minnesota, Corey Stewart.

Gillespie seems to have some regrets about it, but others like Moore, do not. Unless there is a major turnaround, this is the evil and sad future of the GOP. Their young activists openly court white supremacists. Believing this seditious screed may be a political requirement in many cases for election.

Here’s a thought: leave the racists in the gutter where they belong and support people of color rhetorically and through policy. It will pay big dividends, and Doug Jones as a beneficiary, can attest to that.

He now needs to ensure that he supports the priorities of the constituency that elected him and if he doesn’t, then he needs to be held accountable.


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