Day 326: Teach Me How To Dougie

Democrat Doug Jones is going to be the next United States Senator from Alabama. It brings a smile to my face to utter those words.

My goodness…on a personal note, thank you so much. To everyone who volunteered, who was in the trenches, who knocked on doors, who made phone calls, who drove people to the polls, who stood in line for hours, who fought through absurd voter suppression tactics and laws, who defied the fear that Roy Moore tried to instill in us all, thank you, thank you, thank you.

Today, the people of Alabama rose up and said NO! to representation by a fascist pedophile. Once again, the sanity and wisdom of people of color prevailed over the madness of white supremacy. There were high turnout rates of people of color in this special election. Thus, Jones was able to win.

Trump, showing some backhanded class, even admitted he got licked this time. It’s a major blow to both him and Steve Bannon, the latter of whom was Moore’s personal cheerleader for the past two weeks. It didn’t work: Moore made every mistake in the book, even going so far as to leave the state to go to a football game during GOTV weekend. That’s a third-place move right there.

This election was a total personification of the GOP’s long-term problem: a base that is unforgivingly bent on nominating racist morons like Trump and Moore while at the same time shrinking in both raw numbers (see turnout figures for tonight) and in “tent” appeal (when you nominate extremists, you ride with extremists).

By contrast, though it is slow and turnout is not always reliable, the Democratic Party is growing and the way to grow it is by empowering people of color. Alabama, believe it or not, can become a reliably blue state by doing just that! Tonight was the first example of why that plan is a smart, sustainable, long-term strategy.

Roll Dem Tide. The Democratic War Eagles will be marching, protesting and voting to get Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump out of office next.


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