Day 325: Contriving Keaton

America is a land built on the backs of slaves, purchased with the cost of a sustained genocide against the indigenous, roasting in the hellish flames of white supremacy that prevent people’s positive progress.

You can either acknowledge this reality and seek to change it. Or you can try to grift genuine people, while exposing yourself as a deplorable simpleton. The case of Keaton Jones was exploited by individuals representing the latter bracket.

Some background: Keaton Jones is a middle schooler in rural Union County, Tennessee. He was bullied at school, which, having experienced it myself, makes you feel absolutely awful. His mother, Kimberly Jones, stuck a camera in his face, recorded her son crying and posted it to the Internet for all to see.

We can stop at this point and examine the putrid parenting aspect of this situation. If my daughter came to me crying, because she was being bullied at school, my first instinct would not be to get out my cell phone and start recording a video of her. My first instinct would be to give her a hug, tell her I love her and then talk to her about the situation she’s experiencing and explain to her what was happening in an honest, productive way. I wouldn’t tell her I was going to post her rant on social media, I would tell her that people hurt other people because they feel badly about themselves and that you should be confident and proud of who you are because you’re a wonderful person.

I don’t know what Kimberly Jones communicated to her son, I haven’t watched the video, and I haven’t seen it shared on social media because I don’t use social media. But I do know that Kimberly Jones posted this video next to other Facebook posts about the glory of the confederate flag, the “awful crime” of not standing for the national anthem and the need for people to “get over” feelings hurt by racism.

Side note: why the hell would you stand for the national anthem if you fly the confederate flag? If you support the confederate flag, you would be standing for the anthem of the short-lived Confederate States of America (“God Save The South”) and remain seated for the anthem of the United States of America. Unless of course, you’re ignorant, but if you’re flying the confederate flag, that goes without saying.

The GoFundMe raised over $55,000 dollars. Imagine, that money could’ve gone to other families struggling with medical bills, or cancer research, or putting organizers on the ground for communities, or college scholarships, or any other noble and underfunding non-profit or cause.

Instead, though it still might be shut down, that money will go to buying some Gucci bags for a racist woman made by an overseas, exploited workforce.

What a time to be alive.


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