Day 322: Wikillusion?

There could be damning evidence emerging that the Trumps actively worked with Wikileaks and other Russian entities during the 2016 presidential campaign.

CNN is reporting the existence of an email that was sent from Wikileaks to Donald Trump, Jr. This email contained a decryption key and a web address for stolen documents from Wikileaks. It is not known what, if anything, Trump, Jr. did with that information and whether it was utilized in support of the Trump campaign.

It did however precede several key interactions between Trump, Jr. and Julian Assange, where Trump, Jr. may have admitted to utilizing a computer to assist in data theft, which is a felony.

Did Trump, Jr. use the information provided to him by Wikileaks? If he did, was the evidence provided to him exclusively, or was it first more broadly reported by the website? It’s a key question in determining if collusion took place.

Even without this latest story, it’s important to note how deep the ties between the Trumps and Russian run. The Guardian has put together an extremely helpful interactive graphic tool to examine where they intersect and where various parties might have legal exposure. And there is plenty of legal exposure to go around in a case this deep.


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