Day 321: Apocalpytos

Yesterday, Donald Trump recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, despite international pressure and policy experts declaring it would bring about instability to the region.

You could go down any number of rabbit holes with the political implications here. It is a horrible setback for peace in the region. This move aborts any shell of an attempt to find a two state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, despite having diplomat Jared Kushner on the case.

What I want to dive deeper into is why Trump made this move. A large portion of his base are religious in an evangelical, pentecostal, southern baptist kind of way. They believe in an end times philosophy, that when Jesus returns to this planet, it will trigger an apocalypse and they will be raptured up to heaven to join him for eternity because of their beliefs.

They will light this powder keg by ensuring that the Jews maintain control of Israel and Jerusalem more specifically (thus why they want the embassy to move). Once that happens, they’ll bounce from this planet, leaving everyone who is different from themselves to enjoy their explosive reward.

There are approximately 50 million such Americans who hold this philosophy and they support people and institutions like Jerry Falwell and Liberty University that not only want to ensure they’re first in line for the afterlife, but also want to impose their philosophically restrictive and globally destructive views on Earth. Abortion: not ok. Climate change: doesn’t exist. Pedophilia: no big deal.

To hurt living people in pursuit of a genocide of mankind for selfish purposes is profoundly evil. Why should one need to accept Christ as a personal savior to go to heaven? Why should heaven be so exclusive? My personal understanding is that Jesus was a pretty selfless person: he cared about people who needed the most help and sacrificed his life so that others could have better ones, regardless of their beliefs. I’m 100 percent positive that there have been people of many faiths, or no faith, who have made meaningful, selfless contributions to the betterment of all of us and haven’t asked to be worshiped in return.

We must remove this destructive outlook from our public policy. We were founded as a nation where church and state are separate entities. Religious philosophy shouldn’t implode peace processes.


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