Day 319: Blurred Red Lines

The Trump-Russia scandal’s rocket engine covers a mile a minute nowadays. This morning Mueller dumped some serious fuel in the fire.

German news outlet Handelsblatt is reporting that Robert Mueller has subpoenaed Deutsche Bank for information about Donald Trump and the Trump family’s personal banking records. Trump has extensive dealings with the bank and reportedly owes them hundreds of millions of dollars for mortgages he has taken out on Trump properties. Jared Kushner also received a massive loan from the company just prior to the election.

There are some serious red flags surround this organization and the Trump Organization. The company was hit with a $630 million dollar fine for running a giant, $10 billion dollar Russian money laundering scheme. Funds were trafficked through places like Cyprus, where top level Trump associates like Paul Manafort have already stashed some of their shady cash. The Trump family operates scores of shell corporations in the United States and overseas.

Mueller’s shown a lot of courage leading this probe. This subpoena should shed some light on the motivations for the Trumps’ actions in the past few years. He’s ignored Trump’s threats and forged ahead. The result so far? Four indictments, two of those have resulted in guilty pleas from cooperating witnesses.

The walls appear to be closing in on Trump and the Trump family, but be prepared in case these cornered rats lash out. If they do anything drastic or stupid, we need to be ready to take to the streets in full force.


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