Day 318: Trump Chooses The Child Molester

It’s not surprising that Trump supports Judge Roy Moore, who has been credibly accused of sexually assaulting children, to be the next senator from Alabama.

After all, his campaign, reign and administration possess the morality of dumpster rats. It was a campaign built on a foundation of racism (Mexican’s are rapists) of lies (too many to count) of sexism (I’m no Hillary fan, but sexism was rampant and abound). It was built on a cult of personality that shut out rational thought, fueled by an enabling media industrial complex that cared more about ratings than issues, certified as legitimate by those who have been conditioned to Pavlovian levels to “balance both sides” no matter how far away from rationality those sides may wander.

A similar absence of critical thinking could throw an endorsement of a pedophile into a “whatever” category for many voters. Thoughts of “what about Menendez and Franken and Conyers” (who all should resign) from shady Super PACS might bash people’s brain cells into believing that this isn’t a choice between a prosecutor who went after the Klan and an 18th century traveling revival con artist from a Mark Twain book.

If Moore wins, it will be the latest example of the American cult of white supremacy. Just like Jonestown, voters will have lowered scores of red flags, of warnings that a personal and political philosophy so irrational and wrong shouldn’t be given power. If Moore wins, it’ll be yet another confirmation that the Oral Roberts society is alive and well and they’ve managed to justify gift wrapping a violent psychopath who wants to make American more violent and psychopathic into a faux-religious package and depositing this turd into the lap of the people of Alabama.

If Doug Jones wins, I’ll be pleasantly surprised and quite ecstatic. I think he’d make a terrific senator.


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