Day 316: Bank Robbery

Yesterday, Mueller caught a crook. The cops are coming, the bank is being circled and screaming “Attica” won’t make anyone take a step back.

That’s why Republicans, in the middle of the night, voted to rob the American people. They voted to give millionaires and billionaires a bundle of money. They voted to tax college students on their student loan interest, strip health care from the poor and make the federal deficit explode. They voted to slash corporate tax rates massively and to not tax corporate overseas earnings.

The process to pass this legislation was one of the biggest end-runs around democracy that this country has seen in a long time. The bill included handwritten amendments, amendments drafted straight out of the heads of banking lobbyists, no debate, no hearings, no input from the American people. Mitch McConnell has done more to damage this country than anyone else in a long time.

Republicans know how badly they’re going to get skunked in the 2018 elections. Right now, they’re racing to rob the American bank and pocket as much money as they can before they get annihilated by the voters.

The baby boomers in Congress, and everyone who voted them in, are systemically destroying us. From climate change to education funding to empowering sketchy corporations to burdening millennials with student debt, they have sought to screw us in almost any way they can. This is just their latest foray into scam country as they try to preserve the dying embers of their political power.

Let’s take a cue from the great Shirley Chisholm and “organize” our rage. What are we angry about? The massive redistribution of wealth from the bottom 99 percent of American income earners to the top 1 percent. How do we want it to change? We want our representatives to stop making policies that will benefit only the richest Americans. Who are you, uniquely, to do something about it? Admittedly, I’m still trying to figure out how to uniquely help best. With that said, I am fully capable of knocking on doors for the aforementioned better candidates, attending protests and other political events. What will be different because you took action? I don’t know yet, the 2018 elections haven’t happened yet.

When they do, I hope McConnell and the rest of these Bain Capital thugs are swept from power.


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