Day 314: Rexit

The Rex Tillerson era appears to be rapidly approaching it’s conclusion.

A report surfaced in the New York Times this morning and was later confirmed by other outlets that a transition process dreamt up by John Kelly would result in the former ExxonMobile CEO’s departure in the next few weeks. He will be replaced by current CIA Director Mike Pompeo, whose job will be taken by current Arkansas senator Tom Cotton should the latter two be confirmed by the Senate (though in all likelihood they will).

There’s nothing good to say about the Tillerson era at the State Department. He was already a walking, talking, duplicitous ball of sleaze before he was put into Foggy Bottom at the whim of a man whose central goal in appointing him was to fulfill the tenants of central casting.

Tillerson was confirmed and immediately began to run the State Department like Jared Kushner manages an apartment complex: he proposed a skeletal budget, pushed policy experts and diplomats out in droves and left key appointments unfilled. He vastly reduced and impaired the nation’s ability to deal with diplomatic issues at home and abroad. In light of the full blown crisis on the Korean Peninsula and renewed tensions with Russia, these is completely unconscionable.

He was repeatedly undercut and humiliated by Trump, privately and publicly. He hated his job so much that he reportedly threatened to not come back to Washington and referred to his boss as “a fucking moron.” At least he was honest about Trump’s capacity.

His legacy will be deservedly horrendous. He entered the office a scumbag and he’ll leave the same way: pushed out like the scores of subject matter experts he fired before he was canned. He was historically ineffective at performing the basic functions of his job. As a CEO and at State, he willingly went to work for some of the worst human beings on the planet as they destroyed the Earth for profit.

Like the billions of pounds of carbon dioxide he pumped into the atmosphere, his toxic legacy will linger in our lungs.


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