Day 313: Britain First

Donald Trump is a racist, vitriolic bigot. This has been irrefutable for decades, but if anyone ever carried any illusion of doubt that this was the case, it was erased this morning.

Trump usually tweets out whatever garbage is rolling around his head or rolling across his screen when he’s watching “Fox and Friends” or “Morning Joe” at top volume. It’s often crass, ego-inflating or fictitious. Today, it crossed into another realm.

He fired off three early retweets that were pure garbage from the account of a leader of Britain First. If you’re not familiar with Britain First, they’re a loose collection of neo-Nazis and far-right, anti-Muslim nutcases in the United Kingdom that have come together to form a terrorist organization.

Last year, in the run up to Brexit, an individual yelled “Britain First” as he murdered British Member of Parliament Jo Cox. UKIP, who you may remember as that group of racist assholes that gave us Nigel Farange the Brexit douche who met with Julian Assange, won’t even touch these guys.

Even InfoWars, the most batshit crazy, conspiracy theory laden dumpster fire of a website, won’t touch these tweets. It is jaw dropping that an action or statement of Trump’s can’t clear the editorial standards of InfoWars, which stands by its reporting that the U.S. government is conspiring to perform homosexual conversions on frogs.

The tweets came specifically from the account of Jayda Fransen, who was arrested in Northern Ireland after making terroristic threats toward Muslims. One of these videos is a “snuff film” which for those who don’t know, is a film of someone losing their life. The subject of this snuff film were kids who were pushed off of a roof by ISIS supporters during political riots in Egypt in 2013.

Anyone standing by Trump, earlier and at this point, is a confirmed racist. Why? Because they were ok with this behavior. They were ok with it when they voted for him and they’re ok with it now. They’re cool with him retweeting right-wing terrorists. They’re cool with getting robbed, giving their money needlessly to the rich as long as they’re leader continues to shit on people of color and religious minorities. Some of them want people of color and religious minorities to be miserable to feel better about themselves.

Others are just like Trump, living in a delusional world as a result of deeply seeded narcism.

They dragged us down to the gutter with Trump. We cannot let them drag us down further.


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