Day 312: Lux Nyet Veritas

One of the more interesting parts of life when you live in the DMV-area is that, unlike many other parts of the country where politics is not the town industry, you get to meet the “actors” on the fringe of the cogs of power.

The consultants, the lobbyists, the non-profit madmen, many of them are characters that color the city, for better or worse. One of these characters is James O’Keefe, the extremely well-paid leader of Project Veritas, or as Seth Meyers put it, “a regular pimp that hates organized labor.

O’Keefe’s schtick is that he creates gotcha videos meant to expose the “true” liberal agenda of places like NPR. His latest attempt was to be his magnum opus: a slimy masterpiece which would show that the Washington Post would believe any woman off the street that accused Roy Moore of sexual assault.

Turns out the Washington Post does it’s homework. Not only did they not run the story after being unable to corroborate any of her claims, some simple Internet research discovered that she was working with Project Veritas. She was also spotted walking into the Project Veritas office, where, in an amazing twist of irony, James O’Keefe was ambushed by Washington Post reporters attempting to get an answer from him about this story.

I’ve witnessed O’Keefe’s work first hand and it’s as slimy as it seems. In 2012, I was working for Tim Kaine when he was running for his U.S. Senate seat. We coordinated with the Moran for Congress campaign, the re-election campaign of former 12-term Northern Virginia Congressman Jim Moran. His son, Pat Moran, was his field director for the race. We worked together almost every day, including at the office where this incident took place.

Pat was approached by an individual who was purportedly attempting to commit voter fraud. He didn’t explicitly condone this behavior and O’Keefe gleefully posted the video. Pat was forced to resign the next day. No voter fraud charges were ever filed, because Pat never intended to commit voter fraud. I worked with him every single day, often for 12 hours or more. HeĀ never committed, nor conspired to commit, voter fraud.

Yet, O’Keefe made a video suggesting that was his intent. It put a stain on his reputation in politics and caused he and his family a great deal of pain. All so O’Keefe could make some conservative clickbait and continue his career as a ripoff artist?

By attempting to delegitimize victims of sexual assault in order to prop up the campaign of an accused child molester, O’Keefe has somehow found a way to lower the morality bar for the already subterranean human scum that composes Roy Moore and his campaign.

By exposing him for the leech that he is, the Washington Post has set a textbook example for how to conduct yourselves in journalism.

Bernie Bernstein would be proud.


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