Day 311: Consequences For Thee, Not For Me

Want to see a great example of why Democrats struggle to claim both the moral high ground and win elections? Tune into “Meet The Press.”

If you had been watching yesterday, you would’ve seen House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi on the show. You would’ve also seen her say to Chuck Todd that while the movement to oust sexual harassers from positions of power is wonderful, accused harasser and Dean of the House of Representatives John Conyers is an “icon” who deserves “due process.”

Hypocrisy, I know thy name.

It was completely tone-deaf to call Conyers an icon in that moment. But the “due process” remark was far more sinister. Conyers, as far as we know, isn’t under any legal scrutiny for his alleged sexual harassment. The only judgment he has faced is in the court of sexual harassment public opinion, where women are often shamed and blamed for their actions when they’ve done nothing wrong. They’re too often the victims and the harassers are too often let off the hook. With Conyers, there are multiple accusers. I believe the women.

Conyers has already resigned as Ranking Member of the House Judiciary Committee. He now needs to resign his seat or at the very least retire. Same goes for Al Franken. Same goes for Bob Menendez.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a donkey or an elephant, if you’ve committed sexual harassment and you’re an elected official, you need to go. There is neither a defense, nor an “iconic” status that should save your position of power for you.


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