Day 304: The Scope Of Obstruction

The Trump-Russia probe has taken a fairly dramatic turn (for it’s lofty standards) and a key series of questions have been raised.

ABC News is reporting that the Mueller team has sent a request for a wide range of documents from the Department of Justice relating to the firing of James Comey and Jeff Sessions decision to recuse himself from the Russia investigation.

My initial opinion and read on this situation is that it appears that the efforts to kill this investigation were extensive. When Comey said in front of Congress that Sessions might’ve needed to recuse himself from the Russian investigation regardless of whether the story about his secret contacts with Russian officials came out, this might have been what he was referring to in that sworn testimony.

With this new development in mind, it seems as though the efforts to obstruct justice might be far deeper than previously thought. It could also mean that Sessions is cooperating with the probe. The latter of those two would be a far bigger deal.

If Sessions has flipped, it’s a whole new ballgame. It would mean that Mueller could have access to the intent and content of Sessions’ meetings with Russian officials, along with any other meetings with Russian officials that might have not been disclosed. Sessions could’ve definitely been knowledgable about the scale of the obstruction operation, which would explain the breadth of the document request.¬†Mueller might also have him dead to rights on whatever Papadopoulos turned over on him and needs to cooperate to save himself from years of prison time.

Either way, the Trump team is digging their hole a little bit deeper every day.


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