Day 299: Bernie Bernstein

The Republicans are trying to sneak a repeal of the Affordable Care Act into the tax scam bill, there’s a military coup underway in Zimbabwe and Roy Moore remains in the race for one of Alabama’s U.S. senate seats.

Can we please have a moment for Bernie Bernstein and Australia?

It doesn’t get much more 2017 than Bernie Bernstein. Yesterday, Alabama residents reported to local news stations that they received a robocall from a Washington Post “reporter” by the name of Bernie Bernstein who was seeking to pay women to make up claims of sexual assault against Roy Moore. Bernstein was offering thousands of dollars to women who would come forward against Moore.

The whole thing was fake and an attempt at a “Jews control all the money and the media” dog whistle that was executed with the competence and precision demonstrated on a daily basis in the Trump White House.

In happier news, marriage equality will likely soon be the law of the land in Australia. A national survey of Australian citizens found that over 60 percent of Aussies support equality measures. The prime minister and the leader of the opposition coalition have promised to work together on legislation that they hope to complete before Christmas.

I write all of this to say that in the midst of the mass shootings and military coups, don’t forget to keep some semblance of sanity. Smile, laugh, be joyful. Don’t let these forces of evil take your happiness from you. Indeed, it is that joy, and the desire to help other people lead happy lives, that will power this movement.


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