Day 298: Self-Implication In A Simpleton Way

I sometimes wonder if career criminals look at the Trump administration and say: “you know, these guys just aren’t very good.”

Donald Trump, Jr. tossed Robert Mueller a layup yesterday. After a story broke about Jr. being in regular contact with WikiLeaks in the lead up to the story breaking about the Russian meeting, Jr. not only tweeted out the correspondence himself, confirming the story’s authenticity, but inadvertently confessed to a crime.

WikiLeaks initiated the conversation by handing him a password for an opposition PAC’s website. Trump implied that he used it to look around the website, which is a felony. You can’t utilize a password that someone illicitly obtained to break into an online domain that doesn’t belong to you. I’m not a lawyer, but I believe some New York lawyers might have some insight on this one.

Furthermore, Jeff Sessions seems intent on doing everything he can to prove his case for perjury. ┬áToday, he directly contradicted comments he made under oath, while under oath. It’s a pretty clear cut case of lying, if not the criminal kind.

Even their potential foreign help seems pretty poor. BuzzFeed is reporting today that the FBI is scrutinizing 60 payments sent from Kremlin controlled banks in Russia to sites around the world, including one transfer that originated from sanctioned VTB Bank and wound up in the United States. These transfers were marked “to finance election campaign of 2016.”

You can’t make this stuff up. But take these people seriously. If we don’t call our congressional representatives, vote and protest against these potential oligarch operatives, we could wind up in a situation where the one deciding the legal fate of these clowns is a real-life, bloodthirsty ghost hunter who has never tried a legal case. Time is not on our side, act today.


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