Day 297: Roy Moore, Off The Rails

The Roy Moore campaign, already reeling from revelations that he sexually assaulted teenagers, is now completely off the rails following another incredibly disturbing allegation against the former judge.

Another woman, and Trump supporter it should be noted, Beverly Young Nelson, came forward today to say that Moore attempted to rape her when she was 16. In an incredibly creepy twist to the story, Moore apparently wrote in her high school yearbook, which she still has and brought to the press conference.

Nelso says that Moore gropped her, assaulted her and pushed her out of a car when she was 16. He allegedly told her that “you’re a child and I am a district attorney,” implying that nobody would believe her.

National Republican Senatorial Committee Chairman Cory Gardner, a GOP senator from Colorado, said in a statement that Roy Moore should be expelled if he is elected to the Senate.

We can make sure he is never elected in the first place.

Doug Jones is an attorney who prosecuted the Klansmen that carried out the notorious 16th Street church bombing in Birmingham, Alabama. He’ll be a strong voice for affordable health care, protecting the environment and criminal justice reform. If elected, he could be an excellent check on the Trump administration and help promote a vigorous effort to investigate the administration’s ties to Russia.

He’d act and legislate in a way that is far more fitting for a senator than Roy Moore. Please consider giving him a donation of your time and/or money today.


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