Day 296: Hannity

Sean┬áHannity, like Bill O’Reilly before him, is long overdue for a reckoning.

The Fox News version of Goebbels has a history of pushing the worst of the right-wing propaganda. He was already a disgusting syncopate of the sickness of racism when he spent a week on his show glorifying the terrorist actions of Cliven Bundy, a man who believes that the downfall of black people in America is because state-sponsored slavery no longer exists.

He’s also pushed a completely debunked conspiracy theory, that may have originated in the Trump White House, about the murder of a DNC staffer. Hannity has sought to tie this murder to Hillary Clinton, John Podesta and the emails that showed up on WikiLeaks in some bizarre fashion. He only backed down, partially, after a lawsuit from the story’s author claimed that he (the author, not Hannity) was set up to be slandered. Fox News was named in the complaint.

This past week, Hannity has been doing a deep dive into the Roy Moore controversy with just as much class as his Bundy takes. Hannity, already accused of treating women poorly who wouldn’t sleep with him, has somehow given himself the expertise to pass judgment on millions of sexual assault cases. In his judgment, almost all of them are made up.

He’s also hosted the R. Kelly wannabe, and Alabama Republican Senate nominee, on his show this week, where Moore has admitted that, maybe, once in a while, he was partial to a date with a teenager while he was a man in his 30s. A former colleague of Moore’s, along with four women who claimed that Moore was romantically involved with them as teenagers, has gone on the record to say that it was a commonly known fact about Moore that he was into teenagers. Even if that wasn’t his preference and it was “just a phase,” 30 people in the Washington Post story confirmed that the relationships in question took place.

Hannity’s advertisers are starting to run. Let’s chase them. Here’s a list of organizations that advertise on Hannity, along with contact information for customer feedback. Call them and let them know how you feel about having their products on a pedophilia-apologists’ platform.


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