Day 295: The Best People

The scope of the Russian scandal has now entered the Trump tenure after they won the election.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting a shocking twist on a known legal issue for Michael Flynn. It was reported earlier this year that Flynn was paid $530,000 by the government of Turkey for some “consulting work.” We now understand the full scope of this “consulting work.”

Michael Flynn was to be paid $15 million dollars for the successful kidnapping and delivery of Fethullah G├╝len (a Turkish dissident) to a Turkish prison island for the Erdogan regime. The planning, and ultimate failure of this scheme, occurred during the time that Flynn served as a member of the Trump transition team. He was ultimately made National Security Advisor, where he would have access to the highest levels of classified information. This, quite obviously, could land him in some serious legal trouble.

While he also acted suspiciously to further Russian interests, this report leaves little doubt about who Michael Flynn is and what he does for work: he is a mercenary devoid of morals, a hired gun for foreign interests, a temperamental psychopath and a reactionary madman.

In other words, he was a perfect fit for the Trump administration. No wonder the Donald hated to see him go.


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