Day 294: Judgement For The Judge

We already knew that Roy Moore was a crackpot, a watered down version of Oral Roberts or Jerry Falwell. Now we know there’s a little Eddie Long in him as well.

The Washington Post dropped a bombshell on Roy Moore yesterday, detailing accusations from four different women that when he was a 32 year old man, he had a sexual encounter with a 14 year old and romantically pursued other teenage girls. All of the women went on the record with their accusations.

In the same way that televangelists debase religion, one of the legacies of the Trump era will be the destruction of what little morality the political profession had left. Local GOP leaders bent over backward to defend Moore, invoking some form of rhetorical backflip that ranged from “there was consent” to “who cares” to (and I’m not making this one up) “Mary was a teenager when Jesus was conceived, therefore what Roy Moore did is just fine.”

Roy Moore is a predator and a pervert. He is unrepentant and unapologetic for his behavior. Anyone who defends this behavior is complicit in it. This includes the many Republican senators who said that “if the allegations are true, Moore should step aside.”

30 people have confirmed that the events in the Washington Post story took place. 30. What additional proof is needed in this case?

This is what the Republican Party is at this point: the party of Roy Moore. It’s the party of racists, pedophilia apologists, criminal thugs and the people who love them. Don’t be complicit in this behavior and don’t normalize this hate group.


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