Day 291: Deceptions And Lies

The truth about the Trump administration is hidden in a house of smoke and mirrors.

Wilbur Ross is the latest shadowy figure to be thrust into the spotlight in the Trump administration. He was a billionaire when he was added to Trump’s cabinet and now we know that was a lie.

An investigation by Forbes magazine, who may or may not have taken people at their word in terms of estimating their net worth, discovered that Wilbur Ross’ net worth was about $2 billion dollars less than what he was actually worth ($700 million). This is as ridiculous as it gets.

I don’t know what it is about rich people, or people in power, where they tell you something that is so obviously not true and expect you’ll believe it. Some of Ross’ old friends are on the record in this story with quotes like “Wilbur doesn’t have an issue bending the truth…he’s lied to a lot of people.”

These lies represent the height of insecurity and pettiness. It’s incredible ironic that someone who made all of his money by practicing the ugliest of bankruptcy buyouts on Wall Street would be so petty about their wealth.

Nevertheless, those lies are stupid and benign compared to the dangerous ones being told by Trump and company. Paul Ryan told a particularly dangerous one yesterday when he told Laura Ingraham that “prayer can stop mass shootings.

He’s the embodiment of a coward. I have little insight into what prayer might do in a mass shooting, since thankfully I’ve never been involved in a mass shooting. But I do know that taking away weapons from dangerous people is a very sound response to a situation such as the one that occurred in Texas a few days ago. Banning assault rifles, high capacity magazines, ensuring that people who commit domestic violence don’t have access any sort of weapon. These solutions don’t require any type of dogma.

Or better yet, we could remove all of the guns from our country. It would be a tragic loss for the people who value them more than human life. But thankfully, they’ve already come up with the perfect solution: we can send them our thoughts and prayers. And we can put as much effort into it as they put into advocating for positive policy solutions to fix this American self-inflicted genocide.

It’s so easy, there’s an app for it.


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