Day 288: GOP Tax Scam

It’s been a busy week, and while I don’t regret the topics of my blog posts, I would like to talk about policy as much as I can. So let’s talk about taxes.

There was a boatload of inevitable awfulness coming to American shores with the inauguration of the Trump administration. From the rising danger of a nuclear conflict to the persecution of religious minorities to the attacks on heath care, it’s been one nightmare after another. Every day feels like it’s a week long.

But Trump’s election did bring joy to three groups of people: the misinformed (who thought that between him and Hillary Clinton, he was the better option), the racists (who were viciously angry about having to be lead by a black man for eight years) and the rich (who were hoping to benefit from the self-centered policy view of their fellow economic compatriot).

The latter group contained individuals who backed Trump to directly benefit from his reign. While Trump might be fleeing to Trump properties to steer taxpayer money into The Trump Organization due to extreme debt obligations, his main financial backer Robert Mercer oversaw (he resigned from leadership this week) a hedge fund that owes $7 billion in back taxes.

Thankfully for these rich old racists, a tax plan has come along that could only be dreamed up by Trump’s go to Goldman Sachs gangster Gary Cohn. This plan contains massive tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations, who do not need them, and increases on working families that need relief.

Like most other Trump products, it’s a scam. And we’re going to pay for it unless we can mobilize like we did with the health care bill. We’re going to need protests, phone calls and votes against representatives who are not looking out for our economic best interests. The good news is that we have time, the bill was just introduced in the House of Representatives. The bad news is that if we fail, we will literally pay the price.


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