Day 282: Manafort Money Laundering

If the criminal charges that the grand jury handed down on Friday in the Trump-Russia probe are directed at Paul Manafort, the potential scope of the crimes gained some clarity today.

BuzzFeed is reporting today that the FBI’s probe into Manafort is focusing on 13 large and suspicious wire transfers that moved through his offshore holdings. A total of $3 million dollars was moved between 2012 and 2013 to entities around the world, including some hedge funds and businesses in the United States.

Manafort has long been looked at as a key figure in the investigation. He was in the room when Donald Trump, Jr., Jared Kushner and Kremlin officials met in Trump Tower. He was actively communicating with Russian billionaires during the campaign. He was, and still is, deeply in debt.

And he could face serious time for the money laundering charges. Sentencing guidelines mandate between 10-12 years for serious money laundering convictions.

Donald Trump is in full on freak out mode about this ongoing investigation. He’s given investigators even more evidence for a case of obstruction of justice against him by rage-tweeting this morning for people to “DO SOMETHING!” to change the direction this is headed. The propaganda machine is really whirring as Russian bots and Fox News have teamed up to turn this investigation into a prosecution of Hillary Clinton, who it should be noted, does not currently hold any elected office. While the Republican base might believe it, thus far it hasn’t been super successful in changing the narrative.

So what’s going to happen? I have no idea. An arrest could come tomorrow. Be aware of what this cornered rat could do. Be ready to take to the streets. Call your members of Congress and demand his resignation. And if you live in a red state or red district, demand your members realign their focus and get this malignant narcissist out of office as soon as possible.


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