Day 281: Indictments Inbound

Almost a year after he was first elected, Donald Trump’s reign might soon be revealed for the ruse it is.

CNN is reporting that the first indictments have been handed down in the Trump-Russia probe. It is unclear who has been indicted and the charges against that person. An arrest could reportedly come on Monday.

This is a historic development, but we are now entering a critically important stage of this process. People could flip and testify publicly against Trump and heads could potentially role at various occupation levels in the White House.

I think it’s pointless to waste time playing the guessing game about who is going to be indicted and what the charges will be. Someone’s going down and there’s a long list of potential suspects and crimes.

I think there’s one very important thing to remember at this moment in history: Trump is now a cornered rat. All week he, and RT wannabe Fox News, have been howling about the completely fictional “Uranium One” controversy. They’ve been trying desperately to turn the page on this investigation.

But there’s no turning back now and if it gets close to him or his family, Trump might get desperate. He might try to fire Mueller. He might try to pardon people. He might try to start a war. He’s a psychopath with a lot of power and a group of people in Congress that are complicit in allowing him to exercise that power freely.

So be ready for anything. Be ready to hit the streets at a moments notice. In terms of protests and pressure on Congresspeople, it is needed now more than ever. The door has been opened to removing this despot from office. Now we need to ensure that he and his criminal entourage walk out that door, walk out of our civic life and don’t ever return.


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