Day 279: Russia, If You’re Hearing This…

…then you know something about the intentions of the Trump campaign.

Specifically the intentions of Alexander Nix, the head of Cambridge Analytica, a data firm that was deeply involved in the campaign. Nix reached out directly to Julian Assange to seek help obtaining the 33,000 missing state department emails so that they could be published.

Assange ultimately declined his offer, but confirmed that the exchange took place. This exchange is far more damning to me than the Donald Trump, Jr. meeting about opposition research. The Trump campaign actively sought Russian assistance in taking down a domestic political opponent. This time, unlike the Trump, Jr. saga, they were the ones that reached out.

This part of the Trump campaign is still relatively unknown and is becoming increasingly important. We know that the Russian and Trump digital strategies were the same. We know that Cambridge Analytica ran Trump’s data operations. We now know that they sought to work with Russia and commit treason.

We don’t know yet if they did ultimately work with the Russians, even though there is clear evidence that they wanted outside help. It doesn’t seem like a coincidence that the digital campaigning/propaganda strategies of the two entities were identical. Is there an email that would provide irrefutable proof that this took place?


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