Day 277: The Podesta Coup

Robert Mueller is now investigating Tony Podesta, the brother of Clinton Campaign Chairman John Podesta and founder of the Democratic lobbying firm The Podesta Group.

The Podesta Group had collaborated with Paul Manafort on a “public relations” campaign in the Ukraine, promoting pro-Russian Ukranian former President Viktor Yanukovych during his tenure in Ukraine’s top political post. Yanukovych’s reign, which included incredible displays of corruption and brutal crackdowns on dissenters, came to an end in 2014 after the Orange Revolution ousted him from power and sparked the conflict in Crimea.

This development in the Mueller probe is one of the least surprising things to happen in the probe. The rank-and-file Democrats have long suffered under the same scummy lobbying, money making, blame shifting complex that fuels right wing extremism and white supremacy in this country.

The Podesta Group is the embodiment of this problem. They recently employed Jamie Harrison, who ran to be the Chairman of the DNC. Harrison, who lobbied with the Podesta Group for reduced regulations on tobacco, coal and big banks, wanted to represent the party that is supposed to be fighting for these regulations. Revelations from John Podesta’s email hack show that this complex extended to Hillary Clinton and her entourage.

Rather than moving toward the base and developing talent in communities of color, becoming more of a community service organization and implementing actual democracy within the Democratic Party, they’ve reverted to the tried and true method of catering to rich white people while not acknowledging their complicity in perpetuating the negative cycles they’re trying to break.

If something is going to change in this country, the Democratic Party is going to need to take a hard look in the mirror and change itself.


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