Day 276: O’Reilly Renewed

If you needed any further proof that Fox News is the embodiment of a workplace that is complicit in sexual harassment, look no further than the latest revelations about Bill O’Reilly.

In January 2017, Fox News agreed to an astounding $32 million dollar settlement with one of O’Reilly’s accusers. In February, fully aware of this payout, they negotiated a new contract extension with O’Reilly that would pay him $25 million dollars per year over the next four years.

In April, the New York Times went public with a story about other settlements that women had received after being harassed in the “No Spin Zone” over the course of many years. Advertisers jumped ship and at the end of the month, O’Reilly was fired.

Fox News needs to go the way of Breitbart. There needs to be a sustained campaign against advertisers doing business with the network to get them to pull their advertising and support. In addition to being a Petri dish for perverts, it is a network that pushes state sponsored conspiracy theories, race baits and hosts pundits that push boatloads of lies.

Media Matters does excellent research on show advertisers. The organization has produced a list of advertisers for Sean Hannity, in the wake of his carnival barking about Seth Rich. It would be great if this list could be expanded to include all Fox News advertisers, along with contact information so that one could provide consumer feedback to the companies.

If I can get the time, I’d love to take on this project myself.


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