Day 272: What A Coincidence

There are so many “coincidences” in the Trump-Russia affair, it can’t be a coincidence.

The latest coincidence in the saga comes from a report by the Daily Beast which discovered that top Trump campaign officials retweeted Russian bot accounts in the lead up to Election Day 2016.

Of course, this isn’t the only overlap in digital strategy between the Kremlin and the Klan. Russian Facebook ads targeted voters in Michigan and Wisconsin, which mirrored what Brad Parscale, Jared Kushner and the Trump digital campaign operation wanted to do.

It just so happened that immediately after taking office, one of the first things the Trump administration sought to do was unilaterally lift sanctions on Russia. Since then, Congress has made it tougher for Trump to accomplish this goal.

Trump “accidentally” talked about code-word level intelligence in a meeting between him and Russian officials that was closed to the American press, but not to the Russian press. And of all the people that Trump might’ve wanted to talk to at the G-20, he just happened to want to talk to Vladimir Putin secretly.

I’m sure “anyone” would’ve taken a meeting with a foreign power offering intelligence to help bring down a domestic political opponent.

The smoking guns are already here. The campaign used political messaging from another country to help influence a domestic election. That fits the definition of collusion. The campaign also accepted a meeting purportedly arranged to provide intelligence from another country on a domestic election. That fits the definition of collusion as well.

I feel fatigued calling for mass protests, voting and organizing, but that’s what it’s going to take to get this traitor out of office for good.


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