Day 271: Eighteenth Circle Of Presidential Hell

Actually, don’t call Gold Star families. Don’t talk to them at all.

Trump’s gifts for finding lower levels of human decency and morality would be truly incredible if they weren’t so disgusting and damaging.

Florida Democratic Representative Frederica Wilson was in the car with the widow of Sgt. La. David Johnson when Trump called her to express condolences about the loss of his life in Niger. Except, he told a grieving widow that her husband “knew what he signed up for” instead. More than once.

Is John Kelly ok with this? Trump used the death of his son in combat to attempt to justify his behavior yesterday. Let me rephrase that question: is anyone remotely associated with Trump ok with him using deeply personal and private family moments to further himself politically by lying through his teeth?

This enables an effective tactic: the “fake news” tactic if you will. The vast majority of Trump supporters, and a plurality of all voters, believe that the press makes up stories about Trump.

It’ll take all of us to move forward out of this American tragedy. We can ensure that we are not victims of Trump’s attacks by documenting everything he says on the record and keeping it handy to refute him. One thing I’ve noticed about Trump is that when presented with actual detailed evidence of something he did, rather than the general “you did this” (even if he actually did it), he will back down. Case in point: the Access Hollywood Tape and this moment in one of the debates with Hillary Clinton.

So don’t let them get away with their lies. And don’t let anyone get away with defending the indefensible either, like what he has said to Gold Star families on many occasions.


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