Day 270: Seventeenth Circle Of Presidential Hell

YG said it better than I ever could.

While taking questions about why he was golfing rather than publicly or privately addressing the fact that four U.S. soldiers, Trump made up one of his most offensive lies to date. He told the press that he hadn’t called the families of the troops yet because his predecessors didn’t call Gold Star families. That is horseshit of the highest order.

President Barack Obama met with Gold Star families. He visited Section 60 of Arlington Cemetery, where the dead and wounded from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are buried. I’m not a huge fan of Obama’s foreign policy, and detest the use of drones which Obama championed, but there is little doubt in my mind that he understood and appreciated the sacrifice of our soldiers.

I think W. Bush is an American monster for starting the War in Iraq under false pretenses, which lead to the deaths of thousands of service members, countless civilians and fueled the rise of ISIS. Yet, he managed to find shreds of decency among his many lies and took the time to meet with Gold Star families and soldiers who were wounded in action.

Trump has no such decency, yet shockingly (for anyone who still believes in human decency) this is not unprecedented behavior. He has dragged our country to a still deeper circle of hell with his commentary. He is an abusive relationship personified, dragging sadness and anger among many other emotions out of people where they didn’t exist before. Every day I wake up, and it has been 270 of them at this point that I’ve woken up and Trump has been our leader, I’m grateful that we haven’t been blown away by a nuclear weapon and still have an opportunity to change climate change before we all melt, though the latter is debatable. Every night I go to sleep, I’m grateful that another day has passed without the aforementioned occurring.

Shame on everyone who created this monstrosity. Shame on the press for normalizing him, the electorate for ignoring his obvious flaws, the politicians for their cowardice. He is a cancer to society, a curse on the country, a real-life Lucifer who feeds on hateful attention and has created an empire straight out of a sci-fi villain’s mind.

Shame on U.S.


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