Day 266: ObamaCare CrossHair

With a stroke of his pen, Trump has issued two executive orders to curb the subsidies to the Affordable Care Act and allow for junk plans to be sold across state lines. Only a truly evil man would commit such a heinous act.

This could have a devastating effect on individuals who are poor and rely on the subsidies to be able to afford health insurance. It could destabilize insurance markets and drive up premiums even higher for millions of Americans. It would drive up the deficit. It is every bit as horrible as we thought Trump would be and more. It is policy based on spite, driven by a hateful rage toward a successful black man.

This issue could still be fixed. Bipartisan talks about shoring up the subsidies have taken place and could still pan out in a positive direction. But make no mistake about it: Trump is screwing over your health care for no good reason.

There isn’t much more to say about this in terms of analysis. It’s one dimensional: purely nefarious and vengeful. Please call your Congresspeople today and demand that they pass legislation to stabilize the Obamacare markets, restore the subsidies and give health care to all Americans as they should rightfully have.

After you’ve done that, please consider giving your money, time and votes to candidates for office at every level who believe that all Americans should be guaranteed health care as a human right.


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