Day 263: Lose Grip On Reality

Race played an overwhelming factor in the election of Donald Trump.

Years of dog whistling about Obama, decades of nonsense misperceptions that immigrants were responsible for the decline of manufacturing in America (you, white America, voted for anti-union, outsourcing politicians) and an obvious double standard for black people in this country fueled a wave of rage that Trump rode all the way to the White House.

So he was elected. Now what?

Did any of the individuals who voted for Trump stop to consider for two seconds about their own particular situation? Did anyone seriously step outside the trappings of xenophobia and ignorance and think: Trump has a plan for that.

Trump didn’t have a plan for health care. Well, that’s technically not true. His plan for health care was whatever Republicans in Congress came up with to kill Obamacare but when people lashed out in droves at the prospect of losing their health insurance, when people in wheelchairs started getting dragged out and arrested in Mitch McConnell’s office, that plan quickly went to hell, and deservedly so.

Now the plan for taxes is “cut ’em for the richest among us” and screw everyone else. Hey, average Trump voter, that’s not you.

So what is Trump doing in the White House? Watching television, tweeting about the NFL and Jemele Hill and golfing. Seriously, I can’t think of much more that takes place during an average week.

How does this help the American people? It doesn’t at all. It won’t bring back good paying jobs, it won’t fix an opioid crisis, a gun crisis and an income inequality crisis.

Look, all leaders take time to do things unrelated to their job at hand. But Obama actually got things done (expanded health care, expanded regulations on Wall Street, helped revive the American auto industry, etc.). Trump has gotten nothing done, in fact he’s gotten less than nothing done, he’s actively made things worse in this country by pulling out of the Paris Climate Accords, enacting an unconstitutional Muslim ban and attempting to torpedo American’s health care coverage.

But if having a white guy, any white guy, in the White House was the most important thing to you as a voter, then maybe he’s doing just fine.


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