Day 262: A Taxing Holiday

Today is Columbus Day, where many Americans have off of work to “celebrate” Christopher Columbus, a man who committed brutal crimes of rape and genocide against indigenous people in the Caribbean, who robbed their land for his riches.

A fitting way to revel would not only be to take an accurate look at the true legacy of Christopher Columbus, but to take a closer look at recent actions by the latest group of people who’ve come to power in America and want to kill people: the Trump administration.

Trump himself is golfing at one of his golf courses today, bringing his total use of taxpayer dollars for this purpose to over $72 million dollars.

Mike Pence staged a planned walkout of NFL players protesting the national anthem on Sunday, flying out to Indianapolis before heading back to the West Coast for a six figure sum.

Steve Mnuchin, a Wall Street cockroach who took $3 billion in profits foreclosing homes during the economic crisis of 2008, traveled on military jets for a cost of $800,000 to taxpayers. This is also a guy who keeps millions of dollars stashed in overseas accounts.

Ryan Zinke took a private jet for $12,000 to attend campaign style events.

Rick Perry took private jets for tens of thousands of dollars to attend campaign style events.

Elaine Chao elected to use private jets when cheaper options were available.

It’s 85 degrees today and humid as hell in the DMV area, but that’s swamp pales in comparison.

Happy Indigenous People’s Day. Check out the Native American Heritage Association, where you can help out indigenous people living in South Dakota.


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