Day 261: Bob Bites Back

Trump started the day with (unsurprisingly) another Twitter tantrum.

Today’s target was retiring Tennessee Republican Senator Bob Corker, who earlier this week had applauded some of the few remaining adults┬áin the room in the Trump administration. To me Tillerson, Mattis and Kelly don’t have the best policy perspectives, but I agree with the general assessment that they’re “keeping the country from chaos.”

After Trump made up some scenario about Corker begging for a Trump endorsement (look at how much it helped Luther Strange! He only lost by nine percent!) and deciding to retire after not getting it, Corker responded with a Dwayne Wade on Varejao level tweet at Trump.

Why am I writing about this tabloid tit for tat when there are far more important issues to cover? (Flint, Michigan still does not have clean water three years after the lead crisis) Because it’s exactly what Republicans, Democrats, hell everyone should have been doing all along: standing up to Trump!

If Corker hadn’t been such a craven hypocrite and declared earlier that Trump was a moron, or at least voted against his policies and nominees for Cabinet positions, I wouldn’t be so cynical that he’s biting back now. But at any rate, please keep doing it. Say it loud, say it proud: Trump is a national disgrace, a cancer on society, an existential threat to millions and he needs to leave office now. And then do something about it.

Better yet, we don’t even have to wait for him to leave: we can show up in the streets and at the polls and tell him to get the hell out and don’t come back! Organizing, protesting, voting: all activities that are easy and fun.


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