Day 259: New Russian Revelations

A few large drops of water have come out of the Trump-Russian faucet in the past few days.

For the record, this faucet has already been opened up fully, become a smoking gun, whatever cliche you want to use, etc. But some new stories may turn the water back up to full blast again.

One is a report from CNN and NBC News that the Mueller team has interviewed Christopher Steele, the former British spy and author of the purported “piss tape” dossier. Beyond the headline grabbing piece of information that Trump allegedly defiled a hotel room in Moscow, there are some other serious, but as of yet unverified, allegations within this dossier. One of the most explosive is that Trump is a “long con”, a plant by the Russians who has been cultivated and blackmailed for years on end to compromise the United States in the deepest way.

The Steele dossier might have been legitimate enough to trigger some political assassinations in Russia, but it was definitely legitimate enough for Donald Trump to blast it on Twitter and for Mueller’s team to look into it from a legal perspective.

More interestingly, it seems as if the Russians were “playing both sides” in the election. CNN reports that they opened up a pro-black merchandise site to sell merchandise to Black Lives Matter activists. This would fit in with what we know about their activities on Facebook, where they targeted specific suburbs in Michigan and Wisconsin with Muslim and minority messaging.

At any rate, whether it’s the investigation or an impeachment brought about by widespread protests, I hope something pushes this psychopath out of office soon before he declares war because someone insulted him.


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