Day 258: Criminal Minded

More evidence has emerged that the Trump Organization is a gigantic grift.

Not since the forming days of KRS-One, DJ Scott LaRock and the good folks at Boogie Down Productions has New York seen such criminal minded individuals. A New Yorker piece detailed a particularly sleazy situation that occurred in 2012.

Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump, Jr. were in legal hot water. A real estate project, the Trump SoHo, was badly bungled and in a financially precarious spot. Emails between Ivanka, Don Jr. and other investors showed (likely) beyond a reasonable doubt that there was artificial inflation of the value of the Trump SoHo and it was done with deliberate, criminal intention.

Trump himself was so concerned about their situation that he met with his personal attorney about it. His attorney was Marc Kasowitz, who earlier this year stepped down from representing Trump in the Russia probe following revelations that he threatened a random individual over email and has conflicts of interest with the investigation. He gave a large donation to the Manhattan District Attorney, Cyrus Vance, Jr., who subsequently dropped the investigation, despite a large body of evidence pointing to criminality worthy of a trial.

Vance is running unopposed for re-election in November. There will be no opportunity to remove him from office for another four years unless a write-in campaign of epic proportions is staged.

In taking the bribe to turn a blind eye to prosecution of Trump’s children, Vance also might have avoided looking deeper into the Trump Organization as a whole. He might’ve found widespread evidence of money laundering, something Robert Mueller is examining as we speak.


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