Day 257: I Don’t Even Know What To Say At This Point

Headline pretty much sums it up. If Trump weren’t real, you couldn’t make up such a callous, horrific human being.

Trump’s idea of a trip to help heal Puerto Rico played out in full view of the press today and it was a giant block of salt in a wounded U.S. territory.

Like some minor league sports team that he was too inept to own, Trump got the crowd “fired up for relief” by tossing out rolls of paper towels like a 6th grader shooting fake jump shots.

Who can find the words for this situation? I’d like to meet that person.

More horrifying were the policy moves Trump made in the run up to the visit and the remarks he made during it. He told the Puerto Rican government that they had created a really big bummer for the U.S. budget and again praised the response when millions of people are without power and water.

His administration has blocked the use of food stamps for Puerto Ricans at fast food restaurants. Yes, the administration has literally set a policy of starving people during a natural disaster.

If you’d like to help out the people of Puerto Rico directly, please consider ordering supplies that will be given directly to them through the American Black Cross. There are also a myriad of other organizations providing assistance.


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