Day 256: Find The Cost Of Freedom Buried In The Ground

$229 billion dollars.┬áThe cost of “freedom” is $229 billion dollars.

Bill O’Reilly, in either a desperate play for relevance or an unveiling of yet another layer of his disgusting soul labeled the Las Vegas terrorist attack as “the price of freedom” in America.

The price tag is $229 billion dollars. Included in that price tag is the death’s of 33,000 Americans per year, injuries to over 80,000 Americans per year. If the cost were to be divided equally among Americans, everyone would pay $700.

It’s a price tag most heavily felt by people of color in this country. Black men are ten times as likely to be victims of gun homicides than white men. Black women are three times as likely to be victims of gun homicides than white women.

So here’s a thought as we begin to pick up the pieces of yet another terrorist attack by a white guy with a gun: the people who want laxer gun laws should pick up the bill for the “price of freedom.”

Bill O’Reilly, you’re ok with people dying? Pay for the funerals. Pay for the lost wages. Pay for the pain and suffering of the survivors and the families left behind. Pay for the medical care and physical rehabilitation. Dana Loesch, Wayne LaPierre, you use mass shootings to sell firearms? Pay for the police who respond to the mass casualty events.

Most Americans want these common sense measures to curb gun violence. It’s the fringe that prevents it from happening. So until they’re willing to play ball politically and drop their opposition to people being slaughtered, make them pay. It’s only fair.


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