Day 255: Las Vegas

Last night, and I swear I’m not making this up, I had a nightmare that I lost my daughter. I woke up and she was still there, still alive, still breathing. Today, many Americans are waking up and discovering that their nightmares about their loved ones have needlessly become reality.

A terrorist opened fire at a country music concert in Las Vegas. The response is still in the triage stage, but it appears that it is one of the deadliest mass shootings in U.S. history. More than 50 people are dead, more than 200 are wounded. An automatic weapon opened fire from a high vantage point on a concert with thousands of people. What a nightmare. It’s one we’ve lived in this country over and over again.

Not including the incident in Las Vegas, the statistics are sobering. More than 11,000 gun deaths, more than 23,000 injured, more than 270 mass shootings (defined as more than four people shot) more than 2,900 children shot. This doesn’t sound like a problem which needs more guns to solve. It sounds like a genocide that is willfully committed upon the American people by a small group of paranoid lunatics who profit from the worst tragedies. This group has decided that the lives of our children are an acceptable price to pay for profits and a delusional sense of safety.

Please take a moment today, call your elected representatives and demand strict gun control measures. People’s lives depend on it. And if you’re in the Vegas area, please consider giving blood during this mass casualty event.


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