Day 254: The Bar For Human Decency, Lowered

Lin-Manuel Miranda’s right: Trump’s going straight to hell.

He spent the morning from one of his golf courses assailing the Mayor of Puerto Rico who (rightly) has called the current response to the situation in Puerto Rico inadequate and has made an urgent call for more resources on the ground.

After playing a round, Trump came back and did some more bashing of the “fake news” media, NFL players and defended his endorsement of Alabama Senate Republican primary loser Luther Strange.

You can donate to relief efforts through the Hispanic Foundation or the American Black Cross. These two organizations run by people of color are providing direct on the ground relief to Puerto Ricans.

All Trump voters may not have viewed themselves as racist when they voted for Agent Orange almost a year ago. But they confirmed they were racist by endorsing his racist policies and this is the result: people of color in the United States suffering needlessly after a natural disaster, exacerbated by this era’s political Lucifer, who has dragged the American public through a new circle of Hades since he came down the escalator in 2015.

We will overcome this scumbag. In the meantime, let’s be here for each other.


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