Day 250: The Judge Rides Toward Washington

Despite the support of Trump, McConnell and other Republican figures, former Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore won a decisive victory over incumbent interim Senator Luther Strange last night in the Alabama senate Republican runoff. Moore is now the Republican nominee in the special election against Democrat Doug Jones on December 12.

The fact that this guy is an official party nominee for any public office is a joke. His views are outwardly racist and extreme in a era where extremism has become normalized. He openly uses racial slurs and thinks that 9/11 was punishment from God. He believes that Putin has the right policy position on gay rights, that homosexuality should be illegal and that Barack Obama is not a U.S. citizen. Like another tin pot dictator (Hugo Chavez), Moore pulled out a pistol at a rally.

Moore is an equal opportunity hater. He opined that Keith Ellison should not be seated in Congress because he’s Muslim. He even hates disease fighting measures because they could “lead to communism” in the United States.

Politically, the implications are dire for Mitch McConnell. Already despised by the Republican base (perhaps because he’s failed to govern at all), McConnell might be able to read the tea leaves on this one: he’s in deep trouble. With Dean Heller on shaky groundJeff Flake in serious trouble, Bob Corker retiring and Ted Cruz set up for a possible surprise upset, I highly doubt that Mitch would survive a 2020 primary.

But the implications for America are much more serious than Mitch McConnell’s re-election prospects. When people like Donald Trump and Roy Moore are thought of by the general populace as acceptable political leaders, we need to do some serious soul searching and have a rapid change in direction.


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