Day 248: Graham-Cassidy And The Bumdance Bid

The death care bill is, somehow, still not dead.

Amid reports that the billionaire donors they worship are livid that haven’t lowered their taxes by repealing the Affordable Care Act, Republicans are determined to take one last crack at passing one of the most inhumane bills that our country has ever seen.

Who would’ve thought that one of the biggest obstructionists in United States history would have no idea how to govern?

A preliminary CBO score is due out today and the Senate Finance Committee will also hold a hearing on the bill. A vote may take place later this week, though nothing is on the calendar now.

Some may cite additional Senators being in the no camp as a reason to relax. Indeed, in addition to John McCain and Rand Paul, Susan Collins and (maybe he’s opposed, maybe he’s just trolling Trump?) Ted Cruz are in the no camp. Lisa Murkowski is conspicuously silent on this latest effort, but many Alaskan voices are upset with the policy that would be enacted with this legislation.

Still, there are ongoing attempts to change this legislation to get it to pass. Do not stop calling, tweeting, facebooking, however you communicate with your elected officials, tell them to vote no on this bill should it come to the floor.

Though some are (wrongly) arguing against the move, Bernie Sanders and Amy Klobuchar will be debating Lindsay Graham and Bill Cassidy tonight about the merits of their different ideas about health care. I think this is fantastic: let the debate between giving everyone health insurance and making the ultra-rich pay for it and taking away health insurance from everyone and giving that money to the ultra rich happen. Once the ideas are laid bare, I don’t think there’s any question on who has the better one.


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