Day 247: Taking A Knee

Donald Trump picked another fight and took another loss.

While Trump started his morning by rage tweeting against the NFL and supporting a boycott due to national anthem protests (and then proceeded to hit the golf course, which was followed by more rage tweeting), the NFL players knelt bravely in protest.

Trump and his goon squad incorrectly assumed that the players would heed there advice and “do free speech on their own time” forgetting that free speech is a right we enjoy in this country all the time.

Dozens of players took knees, locked arms and raised fists in protest. Entire teams stayed in locker rooms. Even some (maybe former?) supporters of Donald Trump took the occasion to lambaste him for his stupidity. It was a real American moment, showing that patriotism means being constructively critical of your country and calling attention to our history of racism.

Way to go John Carlos and Tommie Smith. Way to go Muhammed Ali. Way to go Carlos Delgado. Way to go JCSU Women’s Volleyball. Way to go Toni Smith. Way to go Amanda Blackhorse for fighting institutional racism in football on behalf of indigenous people for over a decade.

And lastly, but certainly not least, way to go Colin Kaepernick. Over a year ago, you took a knee to protest injustice. An injustice was committed upon you. Today, the injustices are on full display. Nobody can rightfully deny the evils of racism or the absurdity of punishing those who call it as much.

To suggest otherwise is immoral and wrong. And because of your courage, everybody is rolling with you. There are still so many battles to fight and so much ground to be gained, but this is what democracy and progress look like.


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