Day 246: Trump’s Disgusting Tricks

If you’re Donald Trump, what do you do after taking yet another policy loss on an awful scheme to rob Americans of their healthcare? Disguise your political ignorance with neanderthal level racism, of course.

Yesterday, John McCain came out against the Graham-Cassidy death device. His key vote will likely (though not for certain, keep calling your representatives) ensure that Obamacare is kept in place. It’s yet another defeat for Trump and yet another reminder that he has no interest in policy and no ability to govern.

To distract from his shortcomings, Trump played one of his Trump cards during last night’s half-hearted Alabama rally for Luther Strange. Rambling, as he often does during these venting sessions, Trump told NFL owners that they should immediately fire those, and I directly quote Trump here, “son of a bitch protestors.”

What a petty scumbag.

We knew he had no respect or understanding about the freedoms people deserve in America. He made it perfectly clear that he has no sympathy for the dangers that black NFL players suffer off the field, or on it. His plantation mentality toward athletes, and black people in general, is well-documented and forms both the core of his ideology and his political base.

Even Roger Goodell, who has bungled so many different issues surrounding governance of the NFL, didn’t miss this layup. As athletes from all sports state their feelings and draw the ire of Trump, I hope that every single player takes a knee, has a seat or raises a fist during the anthem on Sunday.


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