Day 241: Second Chances

We experience both the history and current incarnation of white supremacy and white privilege in this country. The aforementioned demons found a way to rear their ugly head yet again during last night’s Emmy awards.

Sean Spicer was trotted out to make an announcement that this year’s Emmy’s audience was “the biggest ever.” It was meant a joke meant to troll Trump and make fun of Spicer’s ┬ánotorious “crowd size” press conference after the 2017 Inauguration.

Does anyone from the Trump orbit seriously deserve a second chance to rehabilitate their image or career? (Maybe these folks…maybe?) Whatever the intentions of the skit were, nothing about Sean Spicer is funny. During his brief tenure as press secretary, he told some incredibly offensive lies.┬áRemember the time he denied the holocaust? That wasn’t brought up during the Emmys.

Spicer also did more to reduce press accessibility to the White House and mislead than any other Press Secretary in recent memory. Briefings were moved off camera and simple questions could not be answered. His protege, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, has called for the firing of reporters from the podium.

Most disturbing of all are the new “outlets” who were issued media credentials. InfoWars, the site run by Alex Jones who perpetrated the Sandy Hook Truthers and Pizzagate among other awful rumors, was granted press access. So was Rebel Media’s Jack Posobiec, who actively worked on behalf of Russian interests during the French election. Mike Cernovich from Cernovich Media, a white supremacist site, was granted a press pass and used it to harass journalists and throw up KKK-style gang signs.

Hamilton Nolan, one of my favorite columnists, wrote an excellent article about how the world’s most powerful people need to be held to the highest standards of personal and professional conduct. Sean Spicer was one of those people. He may be a joke professionally for hiding in the bushes to avoid reporters but nothing is funny or cute about his employment for, and fictional defenses of, the most powerful white supremacist of our time.


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