Day 240: TrumpCare, Alive And Well

TrumpCare was just given life support and the zombie may be on its way to a legislative body near you.

Reports are coming in that a health care bill conceived by Sen. Lindsey Graham and Sen. Bill Cassidy is picking up steam and could see a vote before the budget resolution on the House passed version of the bill. This nightmare version of a health care bill would cut funding by a staggering $300 billion dollars over the course of a decade and produce a death spiral of premiums that would result in millions of people losing coverage.

The reason this would happen is because a formula within the bill would take almost all federal health care spending, eliminate the federal government part of the spending and redistribute the money to states as block grants, who would then be free to use that money without almost any of the regulations put into place by the Affordable Care Act. All of this would also come with the aforementioned massive funding cut and without any of the regulatory protections of Obamacare, states could jack up premiums sky high for the sick and poor.

Nevertheless, it doesn’t look like the Republicans are there quite yet with the votes. So far, Sen. Rand Paul is a hard no-vote on the bill (so far) and Sen. Lisa Murkowski and Sen. Susan Collins haven’t supported any health care bill backed by Trump. Sen. John McCain might also be unable to attend a vote depending on the status of his cancer treatments and the last time he showed up, he gave the health care nightmare an RKO.

He’s not the only one that needs to be aware of the horrors of this bill. Call your Senators and demand that if it comes up for a vote, they vote no on this horrific piece of legislation.


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