Day 239: An Amman Association

Michael Flynn was bad news for a while. From a kidnapping plot of a Turkish dissident to lies about his Russian associations, he’s facing all sorts of trouble. But those two potential prosecution paths pale in comparison to the amount of water he could take should the following breaking allegations pan out.

BuzzFeed is reporting that Michael Flynn, Steve Bannon and Jared Kushner secretly met with King Abdullah II in New York City on January 5, 2017. They were trying to sell the Jordanian ruler on a scheme to build nuclear power plants in his country. These plants have been described as “nuclear weapons starter kits” and the scheme (which Michael Flynn was paid $25,000 to push) and a U.S. sanctioned Russian state owned company would be providing security for the project.

I want to know more about the defunct defense contractor (X-Co Dynamics/Iron Bridge Group) that paid Michael Flynn to push this. It’s sketchy enough that a company would outright bribe the top national security officer in the country. Now that it’s clear that the Russians were involved, we need to follow that money trail to see if that money came directly from the Kremlin. A state sponsored Russian company was a financial stakeholder in the project and making a state capable of nuclear weapons seems more like a geopolitical goal than a profit based goal (although the kickback on this project would’ve been massive, reportedly it opened up a $200 billion dollar nuclear export market).

All this comes as Mueller gains some important data. After a possible search warrant execution, Facebook has handed over extensive data about alleged illicit ad-buys from Russian sources. We’ll see what effect it has on the criminal investigation into the White House syndicate.


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