Day 238: The Miseducation Of People Attacking Jemele Hill

Following the phasing out (and eventual return) of the White House daily on-air press briefing, Trump and his goon squad continue to try and find new ways to attack journalists.

The latest target of his tantrums is ESPN personality Jemele Hill who this week accurately summarized the forces behind Donald Trump’s presidency stating that “(Trump’s) rise is the direct result of white supremacy…if he were not white, he never would have been elected,” along with the current condition of the Orange Monster:
“Trump is the most offensive, ignorant president of my lifetime.”

She’s right on all accounts. And like Col. Nathan Jessup before them, the people on the receiving end of that statement couldn’t handle the truth.

In addition to Trump’s demand for an apology, pathological liar Sarah Huckabee Sanders requested that Hill be canned. The irony of fighting for free speech for pedophilia apologist Milo Yiannopoulos is lost on them, but the syndicate’s loathing for a black female voice calling them out on their nonsense burns strongly.

ESPN is complicit in appeasing these mafioso morons. From bringing in fringe psycho Rush Limbaugh to be an on-air talent, to bringing back Hank Williams, Jr. six years after he was fired for comparing Obama to Hitler, to pulling an announcer named Robert Lee from broadcasting a Virginia football game because of his name, to their attempt to pull Jemele Hill off the air.

Hill’s black colleagues stood up for her and refused to go on the air in her place. The network caved and now here we are.¬†Jemele Hill is a hero for standing up against the ¬†forces of an ignorant employer and racist attackers.

Courage in journalism isn’t limited to going into a war zone or running a dangerous story. It’s also being yourself unapologetically when stating the truth, a practice that’s as cool as the other side of the pillow.


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