Day 232: Layers Of Lawyers

Under the watchful eye of Robert Mueller, the Russian investigation bloodhounds have picked up another scent.

The Washington Post reported yesterday afternoon that Robert Mueller is expecting to interview six high level current or former aides about particular events in the Russian investigation. Those staffers include former Chief of Staff Reince Priebus, former Press Secretary Sean Spicer, current interim Communications Director Hope Hicks, White House Counsel Don McGahn, Deputy White House Counsel James Burnham and a spokesman for Jared Kushner Josh Raffel.

Though the full context of the interviews, and the information Mueller is seeking, is unknown, we do at least have one clue. The Daily Beast is reporting that Hope Hicks will be brought in to give an account of the events that occurred during the Donald Trump, Jr. meeting with the Russian nationals in July 2016. Hicks has retained counsel and a source with the Mueller probe told the Beast that they have “no doubt that she will be called as a witness.”

A professionally established witness, like Paul Manafort or Michael Flynn might be above the pressures of the investigation. Part of this is because they have the finances to bankroll a lengthy legal battle. Or at least in theory.

When lawyers are retained for $500-$1000 per hour, cash can go quick. Manafort and Flynn are already facing financial pressure from the probe. Hicks, by all accounts, is not as wealthy as either of those two.

Priebus and Spicer might flip for different reasons. After months of abuse and humiliation at the hands of Trump, they could be the ones to seal his legal and political fate.

Regardless, the truth needs to come out about the motives behind the meeting. And justice needs to be served.


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